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So lots of people write in to us at soccerprose, but one of the most common ones we get is in regards to caring for a beloved soccer jersey and making it last for years. Its a great question, and we thought it deserved a definite answer, so here goes…

The first thing you need to know about how to care for a jersey, is not to worry too much about natural or food stains on it. In my experience, these will even wash out of a white jersey in just one cycle. The exceptions to this rule are red wine, espresso, and ink or anything else that generally stains things forever. But most importantly, always read the care instructions on the label.

Second, whether is a men or womens soccer jersey, always wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle. The surest way to make a jersey look faded is to run it through hot water a few times. It leaches out the color from the fabric, and a strong wash cycle will lead to pulls along the stitching or in the fabric itself.

Third, never put your jersey through the dryer. The sponsor logo, name, and number are heat-pressed on the shirt and the heat from the dryer will lead them to become loose, or start to disintegrate. Also, the letters get very hot, and can b e a fire hazard so if you must run them through the dryer use the “Air Dry” setting. The best route to go is simply take them out of the washing machine and hang them up to dry over a towel rack or on a clothes line.

Follow these three simple guidelines, and your jerseys should hold up over the long term.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

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