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It now appears like the buck-toothed one is 90 percent sure of landing in Milan next season. While nothing is set in stone yet, it seems that the allure of AC Milan’s prestige and history of won Ronaldinho’s favor over the pounds (that’s money, not what he would be adding to his bulging waistline with a diet of fish and chips and lager) at Manchester City.

Although we’re not sure who the winner is in this situation.

Yes the transfer of Ronaldinho is a big deal (now the tabloids can focus on the ridiculous talk of Adebayor being worth 30 million pounds-more on that in a different post), but City should count itself lucky to have lost out on this transfer.While snagging Ronaldinho would have brought City a certain cachet, it also would have brought it the frowning face of the equine-inclined Brazilian. Deemed surplus at Barcelona, Ronaldinho has ceased to be an attacker who put fear in defenders and set them on their heels. Instead he became content with fancy flicks and his movement on the field decreased while his belly increased.

Maybe it really is just fitness holding him back; if that’s the case then Milan has a steal on its hands because if a fit Ronaldinho means a return to his form two seasons ago then Serie A defenders had better look out. Sadly this is doesn’t seem likely. Now combine that with where he will fit into Milan’s scheme on the field. History has shown us that he and Kaka don’t exactly bring out the best in each other on the pitch, and Kaka is not going anywhere. Now add in Andrea Pirlo, Gennaro Gattuso, Mathieu Flamini, Massimo Ambrosini and Clarence Seedorf and the midfield looks pretty crowded (similar to Barcelona). Ronaldinho is not an out-and-out striker so putting him up top will not play to his strengths or help the squad (even if Filippo Inzaghi is Milan’s top striker).

This all puts Milan in a quandary. Bring over the Ronaldinho, just a couple of years removed from being the world’s best player, and now find out he might not even be needed. We also don’t buy the change of scenery argument because Ronaldinho is 28, rich beyond belief and the signs of content in him have already begun to show. The fire and joy he brought to matches has dimmed only to spark in a moment of beauty, like a bicycle kick, to remind us all of what he once was. Milan has had success with Brazilians, but this was one they should have taken a pass on.

At least once the transfer is completed we won’t have to hear incessant Ronaldinho talk until he starts to regularly find a comfy spot on the bench.


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  1. Inzaghi as the best striker?? What about the other Brazilian, Pato? I know – this is a discussion for another time – but you would think with the run the 18 year old had last year – you have to run him out there as much as possible….what does everyone else think?

  2. I said Inzaghi was Milan’s top striker, not best. Pato may have more raw talent, but based on experience and a proven goal-scoring track record, Inzaghi is currently Milan’s top striker until Pato unseats him.