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Soccer Shots

If you’re looking for a great camp workshop for your child, then Soccer Shots is the perfect choice! This nation-wide franchise hosts camps all over the country. It’s designed for kids aged 3-10, so it focuses on introductory soccer skills, and has become one of the most successful introductory camps in the United States. It was founded by Jeremy Sorzano and Jason Webb in 2000. They had been both college and professional teammates. Now, there are over 80 franchises over 30 different States throughout the US.

Soccer Shots: St. Louis is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and features programs in over 20 schools, as well as programs for the public.

The highly qualified instructors go directly into daycares, preschools, and elementary schools around St. Louis and teach programs that focus on basic skills, fun games, and team work. The 8 week seasons meet 1 day per week for about 40-45 min.

St. Louis Soccer Shots is run by Joe Schiro and Leo Quattrocchi, who are natives of St. Louis. Joe & Leo played varsity soccer at Vianney High school, and attended Quincy University on academic/athletic scholarships. Each has worked extensively with young soccer players at summer camps and youth select programs throughout the past 10 years. Joe & Leo were part of the youth Olympic Development Program for several years. Joe and Leo have had much success starting the first Soccer Shots in the St. Louis area.

Check out their website to see if Soccer Shots is offered at your child’s school. If you’re looking for Soccer Shots and you can’t find it at a particular location, Soccer Shots would love to make it happen or suggest you sign up for one of our park programs. The next park program will take place at Buder Park in Fenton and start April 5th. Sessions will start at 6:30pm. Please contact joeschiro@soccershots.org or leo@soccershots.org with any questions or concerns.

Sessions are 1 day per week for 8 weeks
They last 40-45 minutes
Costs: $88
Designed for children ages 3-10

For more information about Missouri Soccer Camps, visit the directory of soccer camps on SoccerPro.com.

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