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These Diadora soccer cleats are the latest out from the venerable Italian boot maker, and and I have to say, they’re comfortable and have a great touch. Now most of the clothes and shoes out of Italy are too flashy for my tastes, but these boots fit right in with my need for color without having to wear an absurd animal print pattern (thanks CR7).

The upper of these boots is full grain leather at the forefoot, and a mesh material on along the back of the heel and midsole. The leather has the same water resistant coating on it that you’ll find on any other modern soccer shoes, and it offers a reasonably good first touch. In my opinion, the leather is one of the softest I’ve seen in some time. Excellent leather has always been a trademark of the Italian soccer industry, and these boots carry on that rich heritage. The upper also has a lace loop and tongue cover which is held in place by velcro to maximize the kicking surface.

One really unique feature on the inside of the upper and heel is the shock absorbing foam. It’s designed to aid ball control, but I find it also cushions the impact of another players studs on your foot. The stud pattern is also unique to these shoes and is designed for quick turning stability at any angle not, just speed. You can this feature under the joint right behind your big toe. The circle on the bottom of shoes with bladed cleats running around it means the boots take advantage of your bodies natural control surface. I find the decreases the amount of blisters and heat that build up on the bottom of my feet.

The insoles are also pretty comfortable, and the shoes are surprisingly light overall. I’d say they weight about the same as my old pair of Nike Mercurial Vapors, but only cost $52.49 on soccerpro.com. Basically, if you want a high performance shoe at an affordable price, these are the way to go.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

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