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Seems Cristiano Ronaldo’s ego took a hard blow before last nights Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich as mystery thieves stole three pairs of boots and his Ronaldo jersey just before kickoff. Mezut Ozil and Karim Benzema are also understood to have lost some gear as an unknown assailant broke into the away dressing room despite the presence of security cameras and made off with the goods. Its unknown how exactly the thief penetrated security around the stadium and made it into the dressing areas which are supposed to be heavily guarded before every match. Its not known how the players involved took the loss of their prized kit.

“The stealing of Cristiano’s shoes is a shame, it’s impossible something like that could happen at the Bernabeu,” Jose Mourinho fumed in his post-match press conference, but the real issue here is how the security apparatus at one of Europe’s biggest venues was so easily breached. The cheeky theft of a bit of kit and a few pairs of boots, which are sure to be up on eBay soon, isn’t a huge issue as Nike and Adidas have plenty of spares ready to go for kit men at a moments notice. However, if the thief has more nefarious or hostile intentions it could be a very different story in the papers today.

Real Madrid have filed an official complaint with UEFA over the incident, the only question now is who will be cheeky enough to “borrow” some items from the Bayern dressing room at the Bernabeu.

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