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If you missed yesterday’s Euro 2008 semifinal between Germany and Turkey I beg you to find a replay of the match or find a friend who TiVo’d it and watch it, immediately. Unlike the drab Spain and Italy encounter, which pitted two talented teams, playing scared, Turkey and Germany played a thrilling pulse-racing affair. Turkey, which was missing nine players could have packed it in and hoped to get the game to PK’s, but instead the Turks attacked the Germans and looked like the better team, even with a C-side. Germany meanwhile looked tentative and unsure of itself until its overwhelming talent and experience took over.

It’s a shame that Turkey’s run had to end. The cardiac Turks were one of the most entertaining teams to watch, producing memorable comeback after memorable comeback. The side showed tremendous resiliency and never believed it was defeated.

Turkey’s run to the semis was unlike the boring, pack-it-in mentality Greece-another undermanned and less talented side-showed in winning Euro 2004.

While most believed Turkey’s amazing run was going to end against the Germans I was disappointed to see it end. Unfortunately the clock had to strike midnight at some point. Too bad it was one game too early.


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