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Adidas. Nike. Diadora. So many choices. The major soccer retailers have created so many options for you in shoes that they decided it was a good idea to confuse you with goalkeeper gloves too. As a former keeper I know the struggles of seeing all the options but not knowing the difference from one glove to the next. Let me give you a quick run down to help you with your decision.

What to expect from gloves:

  • Some gloves come pre-curved so that your hands have a similar shape when you are holding the ball. Other lower level gloves will be flat, but both will require some working in to get them how you like them.
  • The palm surface should be a little sticky to where the ball seems to ‘stick’ to your gloves a bit.
  • Gloves can come with either a full wrap around strap or a half strap around your wrist. Personally I like the full wrap because it feels tighter and fits closer to the hand.
  • When looking for the right size, make sure that they fit snuggly and to give the tips of your fingers a little room at their ends. Most gloves will come with a sizing chart if you don’t know your size.

For the longest time I used Adidas keeper gloves. They feature the ‘Fingersave’ technology in each finger but the thumb. ‘Fingersave’ technology are plastic pieces intended to prevent your fingers from bending backwards on a hard shot. While this I a great idea, they have a tendency to break down over time. Since their inception though, Adidas has improved their build to make them more durable. Nike has the T90 Spyne which is their version of the ‘Fingersaves’. Breathability has become big in gloves recently also. Nike’s Vapor Glove provides a breathable backhand and most Adidas gloves have Climacool technology between each finger. Both Nike and Adidas have quality palms that are durable unless you are especially hard on them.

Diadora and Puma have good gloves also that feature the same aspects that Nike and Adidas do. Puma makes a quality glove for a little less price than Nike or Adidas does. Though I have never used either Diadora or Puma in a game situation, I can tell you that they will indeed get the job done and protect your hands in the process.

If I was picking a pair out though I would buy Reusch keeper gloves. Reusch makes nothing but goalkeeper gloves and produces arguably the best one. The Ortho-Tec glove is what I used and they were comfortable and high quality. They also come with the ribs in the fingers for protection and an ultra soft palm. My gloves help up for a long time because the palm was also quite durable. As with some other gloves they come with a wrap-around strap to tighten around your wrist and the palm carries over onto the top of the thumb. The finger area on the backhand provides a strong punching surface as well. And if you come to dislike the finger pieces, they are removable in Reusch gloves.

Hopefully my insight will help you make a better decision on the glove that is right for you. Even if the one you choose isn’t the $120 version, all that matters is that it works and feels good to you. Most of all you should remember that the glove doesn’t make the player, the player makes the glove.


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  1. Great way to bring all the types and brands of gloves into that. Very very good for a beginner to get an idea what to expect and what to look for. The closing was the best advice to give a keeper. You have to depend of yourself before you depend on anything else, in this case the gloves. Thanks for doing the research and taking the time for this article.

  2. I am looking for the best all-weather gloves for my u-12 boy’s goalie. (Without breaking the budget) Is there a goalie glove that you know of that will stay sticky when wet and be durable in the 30’s. I am not familiar with the difference between good and not so good materials. I am coaching as a volunteer and I am trying to get these kids ready over the next couple of years, for high school.

  3. I would suggest either the Adidas Fingertip Replique 07. Both of these gloves have a good palm that ought to hold up as long as they are not abused. The Mercurial Vent glove has a very breathable backhand and the Fingertip Replique is a quality glove for a low price that also provides protection with the Fingersaves. If you wanted to spend a little more for more quality I would suggest the Nike Grip 3 or the Puma King Exec GC as both are good gloves for a still low price. All these gloves should be sticky when wet but not when soaked. I would make sure to get gloves that will do the job until your player really commits to keeper because as you can tell it can be quite an expensive position. Once your player commits to the position and as they grow older you should start investing in a higher quality but make sure to take care of them to increase their durability. Hope that helps.

  4. I am having a hard time locating the Puma King Exec GC in size 7 in the US. Is there a replacement that is Puma’s new version of that glove? thanks.

  5. It seems like the Puma King Exec GC may be being phased out becuase Puma doesn’t show any quantities left. I’m not sure if this glove is the replacement for the King Exec but the Puma v-Kat RC has got a lot of the same features as the King Exec. The major difference between the two is that the v-Kat has finger spines and I don’t know if you like that or not. Most gloves now have the fingersaves and on our site at this price range many also have them. A couple more suggestions would be the Nike T90 Pro Spyne and the Nike Grip 3 or the Adidas Fingersave Replique.