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In the world of professional sport, there is no shortage of players searching for a way to take their game to another level.  The ultimate goal of anyone donning a jersey is always to dominate within their pursuits.  In the soccer world, there is one organization that has actually elevated themselves to the point where even the best in the world seek training and advice to better their games.

That organization is Beast Mode Soccer.  Run by owner David Copeland-Smith, we managed to run a few questions by David and find out what Beast Mode Soccer has to offer, what he thinks about the world of equipment, and why BMS has made such a massive impact.

How big is your operation?
Beast Mode Soccer currently has five locations (Los Angeles, Seattle, Abilene TX, Vancouver and Virginia) with Orlando opening soon. Our goal is to help 10,000 players become elite every year and smash their goals.
How long have you been developing the Soccer Vortex program?
The Soccer Vortex was in development for about two years. It’s an ongoing program because we are always coming up with new drills and improvements to help players.
How long does it take someone to write such a massive program?
I always tell people that The Soccer Vortex almost put me in hospital! I couldn’t have done it without my team. We started almost two years ago and the lead up to the launch was basically 16 hour days for three months straight. It was worth it though, we genuinely put together the most complete individual development program out there and we’re really proud of it! The results that people are seeing already is awesome.
How do you like your Under Armour equipment?
LOVE the UA gear. The quality is second to none. They have a long term vision for soccer and you can see where they are headed with the releases of ClutchFit and SpeedForm. Honestly, the most comfortable boots I have had.
How do you feel about modern football boots?
They are definitely more comfortable than 20 years ago! There is a huge amount of choice out there and we are bombarded with awesome commercials and ads for them, what each boot can do for you, etc. Let’s be honest… No boot will give you a better first touch, make you beat a player in a 1v1 or shoot the ball harder and more accurate… You should choose the boots that you find to be most comfortable and suit you in a game.
Beast Mode Soccer
What point did you realize that the Vortex was having proven success with beginners and professionals alike?
I think with the volume of content I always knew that there would be something for every level of player. When we did the beta test we chose a player who had just started playing, a club player, a college player and a pro player. I knew we were onto something special when the feedback was very similar from all demographics… That it was a roadmap to success. The pro player liked the way it is organized so it was easy for them to pick some drills to do that day to work on their weaknesses, the new player loved the fact that they knew that if they followed the instructions then they would become the best player that they could be.


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