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Shin guards are one of those things that seem pretty straightforward—they need to cover your shin and it needs to stay in place comfortably. Obviously the way to do this is just put one of those bad boys on your leg, strap it on and walk with it. I’m sure this method produces proper results, but let me say that you can miss out on some steals if you don’t do a little homework. Let me introduce you to the Adidas Predator Pro Moldable, a guard that is absolutely worth the price and worth the time to investigate.

Let’s just go ahead and start by getting the visual part out of the way, because, well, looks are justifiably secondary to functionality in shin guards. The two sides of the guard are black with yellow tabs in the center of the edge, while there is a turquoise band running vertically between the two black edges. The turquoise band has a honeycomb texture with “Predator” elevated just a bit in yellow. Thrilling, I know. ANYWAY, the shin guard’s perks obviously rest in protection and comfort, and that’s what you want to know, right?

Alright, folks, time for personal experience time. As a 5’8” male who wears a size 9 shoe, the medium guards fit me perfectly. They didn’t come up too high, nor did they come up short. The gradually narrow design also rode the contour of my leg pretty well, all things considered. Right off the bat these guards felt comfortable on my shins in that they weren’t rigid or abrasive on my skin, though I’m sure it would be a different story if they had straps instead of compression sleeves. The compression sleeves (they’re included, don’t worry) keep the guard in place really well, actually. Sure, a wayward kick to the side might cause a shift, but that’s the case with any guard. Here’s where the “moldable” part comes into play; the guards are flexible enough to stay contoured to your shin while being worn, but they’re also rigid enough to provide quality protection for your bones. I mean, it took a fairly forceful punch to the shin before I even felt a little pressure, let alone any pain. Basically, Adidas did the right thing by creating a thicker foam pad behind the guard because it: a) allows the force to disperse further before it gets to your leg, allowing for less damage and b) it is comfortable. For $35, you’re getting a quality guard for a really, really great price. They’ll last you longer than cheaper guards and they’ll keep you safer as well. Next time you’re out looking for guards, I highly suggest giving these guys a nod. I think you’ll like them as much as I do.

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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