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The Mundial line from adidas is easily the most iconic line of boots in the market, at least for my money, and at this point, they more or less sell themselves. One look, and people know the boot is quality made and quality designed; it’s built to last and to perform. There’s something about the black, white, and brown theme that just grabs your eye, no matter what sort of loud or exciting boot you hold up next to it. This year’s Mundial Goal is no exception. Once again, adidas delivers a primo boot that’s all class at an affordable price.

At this point, I’m sure everyone knows and recognizes the look of Mundial indoor soccer shoes. The upper is all black with 3 white stripes on both sides and a piece of white leather stitched into the top of the wheel with “adidas” stamped in black. The sole is brown rubber with white EVA foam under the arch and a black suede toe. Not only do the leather and suede combine for the classiest look on the indoor market, they also add a little understated flair to the boot due to the different type of luster produced by the two materials. With the leather, you have a nice shine that isn’t too sharp on the eyes, while you have a kind of diffused luster with the suede. Very smooth. The looks are one half of the boot’s appeal, and they clearly make the grade; you’ll find the other half, the construction, achieve the same marks.

The three main parts of the boot, the upper, mid-sole and sole, are all constructed of high-grade material to achieve lasting durability without sacrificing performance. The upper is made with kangaroo leather, so it doesn’t get any better on that end. The mid-sole uses EVA foam to help cushion your foot while also providing shock absorption, and the sole uses non-marking gum rubber for proper grip without too much grip. It may seem like adidas could have nixed the EVA foam, but it makes a world of difference when you come down hard on your foot for a plant or something of that sort. It takes a lot of the sting from the arches of your feet, which is something not all shoes do properly. Rounding out the construction is three pieces of suede around the upper. First, you have two pieces across the toes; one is stitched into the upper while the other is adhered to the first suede piece for reinforcement. You should have zero concerns about splitting or tearing; the suede will wear down before it splits from the toe. Then the final suede piece wraps from the mid-foot and around the heel as a reinforcing measure. The only worry here should be scuffing from wayward kicks.

These bad boys will definitely last you all season and more, and as an added bonus, they can double as street shoes. They run a little big in terms of length; even though I usually wear size 9 US, I could easily fit into an 8.5 US. Other than that though, these shoes are extremely comfortable and provide solid support. The price tag is $94.99, which is a little steep until you consider the mileage you’ll get from these boots. Like I said, they can double as street shoes, so don’t shy away from them if you’re not playing indoor games.

Written by: Kris Dyer, contributing editor, soccerprose.com


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