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The Adidas Liverpool Track Top is a classic full-zip jacket that combines the quality materials of Adidas with the storied history of Liverpool for a warm wear during practices and warm-ups.

Adidas has produced a 100% cotton scarlet track top that exemplifies a professional look and feel while you are warming up for your big game. The coat may appear light, however the material keeps you quite warm in relatively cold conditions. So if you feel like you need anything more than a jersey to put underneath the track top, you probably will not. The coat has a couple features which will make you feel even warmer, too. When slipping on this jacket, you’ll notice the two pockets in the front of the track top so you can keep your hands warm if you don’t own field gloves, a nice feature. The arms also get smaller in width so the material feels tighter toward your hand. This helps keep the cold winter breezes away. Finally, the track top is full zip so a player can zip up all the way to the chin, a surprisingly popular feature of track tops today.

The coat itself is classic and relatively plain, something players may or may not appreciate depending on their respective flashy styles. The classic three white stripes line the arms and work well with scarlet red color used throughout the rest of the jacket. A small Adidas logo is stitched to the left side of the the zipper so it appears on the player’s chest. On the right side, the coat dons the Liverpool liver bird logo (part of the club’s crest since 1901, although not incorporated into gear until 1955, with the lettering “L.F.C.” directly underneath (for Liverpool Football Club). The work on this looks professional and clean. The zipper also looks great too, a feature a player normally couldn’t care less about. The Liverpool liver bird along with the LFC lettering underneath is imprinted onto the zipper, along with the club’s famous slogan: “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Overall, a surprising and intricate bonus for the jacket.

The Liverpool Track Top may be plain but it has plenty of redeeming features, such as its surprising warm features and attention to details (such as the intricate zipper). Overall, it’s a solid purchase, especially now that Liverpool have finally decided to start playing some great football (win against Chelsea, hooray!)


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