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Aside from rugby, soccer is the only contact sport that has minimal protection. Shin guards are the one required piece of safety gear for all players on the field. If it’s the one safety specification they have, I want mine to be of the best quality! Adidas has come through with exactly what I was looking for the adizero F50 carbon shield shin guard. These shin guards are light weight, protective and they look really cool!


In all honestly, shin guards could be pea green with a unicorn design and no one would be able to see them under you shin guard sleeve and sock. Really though, what’s the fun in that, shin guards are like you’re little secret! So why not have your shin guards be an obnoxious neon purple its cool fun and won’t distract anyone! Shin guards really aren’t meant to look cool but if you’re going to spend your money on them why not like how they look! Although other people won’t have to look at them every day you do so go crazy have some fun!
The shape of the guards is a little different than the traditional one; it’s longer in order to protect the bottom of your leg right above the ankle. When I do get kicked in the shin that is often where I will see a mark. The length will be the added protection needed to prevent that from happening. Besides that its width is pretty standard, protecting your entire front leg.

Physical Attributes

Adidas is all about light weight products. They want their products to do their job while you don’t realize you’re wearing them. I applaud adidas for that, if I had a goal for every time I hear a girl or guy complain about having to wear a shin guards, I’d be in the running to outscore Pele! Most players wear them because they have to not because they find shin guards as a necessary piece of safety equipment. The carbon material is light weight and protective, making both the rules and the player happy!
Adidas provides a sleeve with the shin guard to prevent the shin guards from slipping while playing. The sleeve provided though is the down fall of this product. I think it’s heavy more like a sock than a sleeve. It adds a lot of stuff to your leg that makes it uncomfortable and really hot. They’re designed to keep blood circulation flowing through the legs but if you find the right sleeve you won’t have a problem with that.


The price may be a little shocking at $100.00 but you will be really happy with your purchase! The light weight carbon fiber technology allows the player to have the protection they need while being comfortable on the field! These are quality shin guard that will last you a long time the money you pay will end up saving you in the long run because you can keep these shin guards for a long time! Made for those who are shin guard fans and those who aren’t this will be a great buy!

Written by: Kendra, soccer girl, soccerprose.com


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