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Adidas has done it once again with another bright, fun, and awesome cleat! Adidas has come out with an awesome ultra-light cleat, but now any soccer adizero lover can find the perfect color shoe just for them! The neon yellow, neon orange and bright purple F50 adizero Prime is a top notch cleat that is not for the light hearted.


As I mentioned earlier the new adidas colors are great. Now any adizero fan…or soon to be fan can find the color they feel best represents them as a player and a person. This is what I would say is a shock and awe cleat! The neon yellow is so bright you shock those around you, and then the deep bright purple adds a little humility to it all. This is comparable to a really skilled player who scores some amazing draw dropping goals. The synthetic upper does a great job of holding the color and not letting the sun fade them out. Whatever you r personality maybe they’ll have a shoe for it!


The ultra-light cleats are great for the speedy player, the cleat adds virtually no weight to your feet so it’s like you’re running barefoot but with a bonus of added traction. To break the shoe in took a little while and you will have to have a few band aids ready to tend to some blisters, but nothing that you can’t handle just the basic new shoe break in. The insole is made of an ultra-light material that adds very little weight but a lot of comfort. With the ultra-light insole you may run into the problem of feeling the pressure of the studs on your foot; this does not seem to be a big issue for these shoes. Another awesome thing about the studs is there are 3 different colored studs at the bottom of the shoe, so any one running behind you has a nice little view. The studs are triangular shaped good for hard quick stops for fast players looking to make quick change of directions.


This cleat is in the upper price range costing you a good $300.00. Yes it’s probably a large chunk of your hard earned pay check, but it’s a great investment into a great shoe. You’ll be really happy with what you have gotten and now you have a ton of new flashy bright colors to choose from! For the Speedy Gonzalez on the field who likes to show off a bit this is a great shoe for you!

Written by: Kendra, soccer girl, soccerprose.com


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