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With the barrage of high-tech and high-priced soccer shoes hitting the market, a classic is getting lost in the fold. As I see more and more players choose a shoe for its shiny and colorful looks over usefulness, all I can do is just shake my head. Quite simply, the Adidas Copa Mundial is the best soccer shoe ever made, and is still more than useful in the new world of soccer footwear.

Not only is the Copa affordable, it’s classic look and timeless quality make it more than able to perform for today’s players. Now don’t think of me as an old-time curmudgeon. I’ve worn other shoes and I am impressed with all the technology that has been put into cleats today, but for me the Copa is still the gold standard.

While more and more players are wearing lighter synthetic shoes, I still prefer the softness of kangaroo leather on my feet. The Copa’s ability to mold to a foot and withstand constant pounding on any surface is one of its best qualities. I’ve known many players who have bought a new pair of cleats only to have them break down and then have to dig their old Copa’s out of the closet to finish a season.

The Copa isn’t flashy and that is another endearing quality. It’s simple and keeps the emphasis of the shoe on soccer and not on how cool it looks. While I don’t frown on those who choose the most colorful and eccentric shoes, I do take offense at anyone who snubs their nose at the Copa.

While you may not see many Copa’s on the world’s top stars, it isn’t because it is outdated. Lots of players have contracts with certain companies and are supposed to wear certain shoes. Those at the top level are supposed to play in what’s new. Meanwhile, the Copa remains a shoe for a player at any skill level. It doesn’t promise anything but a great shoe, and unless you really are a world-class player all that technology isn’t going to make too much difference.

With more and more shoes permeating the market, it’s nice that Adidas has stuck by the Copa (in part because it’s the world’s best selling shoe) and has continued to insure its place in the world of soccer.

Next time you’re picking out a new set of cleats, take a minute and look at the Copa because classics never go out of style.


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  1. These shoes are killer. Although these are fabulous shoes, I wouldn’t count on them for distance running. They fit well and are on point for size, but I got a blister on my right toe. Probably because of the shape of the fore front of the shoe allows movement. Thus, you wouldn’t have to break them in. This isn’t particularly true for lighter runners. I would say that I’m a mid-weight runner and my shoes don’t make any squeaking noise. But if you are heavier set runner you would probably incur the noise due to the weight of your body and the pressure upon the shoe. But overall, this shoe is awesome and I’ve received many compliments