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We’re pretty lucky here at a soccerprose.com to be given access to a pair of brand new Adidas adiPURE SL’s before they’re released. These boots represent the latest effort, and honestly the latest trend in soccer shoes; lighter is better. The Adipure has been around for years, and their one of my favorite boots ever released. My old pair of Adipure III’s fit well, are comfortable, and more importantly survived an entire season intact. The Adipure’s have never been as flashy as the Nike Superfly or F50 Adizeros, but they’re one of the most popular shoes Adidas makes.

These new Adipure SL’s have the same soft insoles as a regular Adipure IV, but the sprint frame bottom and ultra light K-leather are new. The leather on the upper is high quality and gives a soft touch when your playing the ball off the top or either side of your foot. The most interesting part of the upper, and what gives it the lighter weight is the redesigned vamp. It’s got something called one touch construction in it, which means they won’t absorb as much water in wet conditions and breaths better around your foot. They also have a sock liner, which is a nice feature, and makes them really comfortable around the midsole and under the tongue.

The outsole is the same sprint frame you can find on any pair of F50 Adizeros. Its got triangular studs, with a TRAXION™ sidewall, which makes acceleration and cutting easier by evenly distributing the force your foot presses into the ground. This means each forefoot stud is always in contact with ground until your lift your heel to take a step and you won’t slip on your toes. I find that its make the shoes easier to get up to full speed in, and I’m less likely to roll my ankle on turns. Other than that, they play well, and I’d recommend them to anyone who play midfield, but likes to have the option of running forward into the box when needed. They’re available at soccerpro.com for $249.99.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

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