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Soccer balls are not usually something I get any kind of excited over, but the adiPure 2011 ball from Adidas is keeping me captivated today, which is definitely welcomed given the gloom going on outside the window. Everything about the ball—the shape, the panels, the style—is just outstanding. If you’re saying to yourself, “I’ve seen this ball before,” it’s because you have. It’s more or less the same ball used in the 2006 World Cup.

Right off the bat, the thing to notice about this ball is the panel design. The panels give the ball such an unmatched roundness that you have to do a double-take. Because of the roundness, the flight trajectory stays true and predictable and allows for much more control than you get with other balls of similar quality. You know that feeling you get through your bones and veins when you connect on the sweet spot and just know you hit the ball with everything? The kind of strike that spikes your adrenaline? Well, this ball offers that kind of hit with greater regularity than most, and I know that definitely piques some interest.

The style of the ball is simply second to none—it’s just pure class with a modern edge to it. There are two kinds of panels on the ball; one that is affectionately known around the shop as the “maxi pad” panel (I’m sorry—it’s the best we can do), and a kind of three pronged throwing star shape. I know it sounds goofy, but that’s more to do with my poor description skills of somewhat abstract shapes. In any case, the two panel designs combine for an elegant and swirling design that speaks of class and confidence. It’s this design that allows the black and white color scheme to keep a modern edge in the face of the brightly colored balls lining the shop’s wall.

This ball will run you around $99, so it’s a bit of an investment. You certainly won’t want to use this as a street ball, so be sure you’ll be using it for the proper occasion. Take care of the ball and use it properly, and it’s sure to last you for several years; it even comes with a 2 year shape guarantee. It holds air just fine and allows for a great amount of cushion with every kick. You won’t feel like you’re kicking rock, nor will you feel like you’re kicking a pillow. The ball struck a perfect balance between the two. I really can’t say enough about this ball, but I doubt a lengthy, long-winded narrative is going to sway you to impulsively purchase the ball—my suggestion is to test one out for yourself. I think you’ll fall in love.

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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  1. I play high school soccer and I’m a keeper…I injured my knee recently so i’ve been throwing a lot of balls lately at practice. I always knew we had this ball (I believe our’s the model from a couple years ago) in the ball bags but only a few days a go did I really pick it up and look at it. I know a good ball when I see one–especially when i notice the thermal bonding. When I saw the A FIFA rating, I almost did a dance. I LOVE this ball. like you said, the flight is perfect, the shape, outstanding, and the grip (remember I’m a keeper!) is above the rest. Throwing it came almost second nature..I can’t wait till my knee gets better to kick it! Good thing I just strained it! I was looking online today for one of my own…it is pretty pricey, so maybe Christmas 🙂