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The newest color of adidas adipower Predator has just been released and it looks amazing. I was a sucker for the initial Sharp Blue version, but these black ones really catch the eye. The black upper makes the electricity and blue accents really pop all over the shoes. and they’ve got all the same features as the other Adipowers which means they’ll be a hit around our office.

My favorite part about these shoes has to be the Taurus leather that adidas have recently come out with. The leather is just as soft and flexible kangaroo leather, but thinner and more durable. This is due to fact its a calf leather composite, which really makes for the best fit and feel around the forefoot I’ve had since my pair of Nike Air Legends wore out. They also fit just right over the top of the foot as the lacing system is designed to distribute the stress away from all the points of tension. The tongue is also padded, and they fit true to size, so there’s not much more I could want out of a pair soccer shoes.

The cleats are also in a great pattern, and don’t slip, even in wet conditions. The insole is also great, and you won’t feel the studs through the bottom of these shoes even at the end of a game. The studs are also durable, and won’t fallout or break. I’ve been running around in a pair of the blue ones for the last months and they’re a bit faded on the top, but the cleats are still like new.

Overall, I really recommend these shoes, and the new color looks awesome. You can pick them up at our affiliate partner, soccerpro.com, for $179.99, which is 10% off, but they’re a steal at any price.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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