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So I know what you’re thinking, why would I need a lightweight pair of adidas Predator soccer shoes? Well the answer to that questions takes some time, and some text to get across, but as you’ll see there are some sweet features on this set of soccer shoes.

The first thing you notice about these bad boys is the striking orange and black colors on the shoes. The orange on the toe fades backwards into black with the Predator logo and rear cleats sporting a silver color which gives a great contrast. Honestly, these are some the sharpest looking adidas shoes I’ve seen in sometime. The majority of their recent offering in the F50 Adizero and adi5x have been way too outlandish for me. These boots strike a great balance in the sense the orange is bright and striking, but doesn’t remind me of Ronald MacDonald.

The synthetic upper of these shoes is made form the same synthetic leather as the F50 adizero. Its soft, and forms pretty well to your foot once you break it in. I really like the fit in the midsole in particular, as it really helps hold the shoe to your foot. Ball feel isn’t a problem either as the upper is thin enough that you don’t that bulky and awkward feeling you find with some other synthetic soccer shoes. The tongue also features some vented holes through it to help keep your feet from getting clammy during games.

You’ve also got the Predator upper sitting on top of the upper which is supposed to help you get better contact on the ball. I really noticed the difference with this element, especially on the cheaper more plasticy balls we use for training. One of the main problems with these cheaper balls is the fact they tend to slip off your foot and the tackyness of the Predator element overcomes this problem.

This pair of boots features two sets of insoles, just like and F50 adizero. One set is designed to be lightweight and durable while the other is built for comfort on harder surfaces. I didn’t need the comfort insoles during games, as I only had the boots on for around 90 minutes, and subbed in and out. However, while I was breaking them in during a 2 hour practice, they helped as the shoes started to wear on my heels.

These adipower Predator SL features a traditional Predator cleats pattern with bladed studs, and one diamond shaped stud in the middle. The stud, right behind the Powerspine, serves to give better traction when changing direction. These shoes also feature the same tried and tested adidas Sprint Frame which was pioneered on the F50 adizero. It keep the shoes lightweight, and provides good energy return when you’re running down the field. I also like the fact it really cradles your heel and feel extremely stable. Its also durable, and if my last pair of adizeros are anything to go by won’t split or crack. The Powerspine is another added but adidas technology that help you get more power behind your shot as it can better transfer the energy from your foot to the ball.

Overall, these are great pair of soccer cleats for a speedy striker who still wants to get that added power behind his or her shot. The colors are striking, and they comes with some sicks accessories like a shoe bag, cleaning cloth, and some extra orange laces. The main drawback with these shoes is $250 price tag, but if you’re looking for a pair of top quality boots for the speedy striker, these won’t let you down.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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