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We at soccerprose came to the realization that we’ve been spending a lot of time talking about the higher end of the boot spectrum, and that seems unfair; you can still find gems in the mid to lower price range, and I’d like to help bring one such gem to light. The adidas adiNova IV boot is a step down from the adiPure IV and two steps from the adiPure SL, but don’t let that scare you away. You’ll be delightfully surprised by this boot’s quality and even more surprised by the price.

In terms of looks, it doesn’t get more classic than these black and blue adiNovas. The upper is primarily black with blue trim around the ankle, gold stitching bordering the laces and the classic 3-stripe design in white. Oh and there’s also “adiNova” written in white and gold at the outer heel. Add in the light blue studs and tongue, and voila, there you have it. I know it isn’t as exciting as some of the other adidas boots, but I absolutely love it. The boots let your play do the talking and send a message that you’re on the pitch for business.
My favorite aspect of these boots is that they’re made of full calf-grain leather. You honestly just don’t see all that many mid-level shoes made out of real leather, let alone the fact that the upper is made completely out of leather. This is great news for comfort and durability as synthetics just wear out sooner and don’t form to your foot as well as leather. The only difference in this area between the adiPure and adiNova is that the adiPure is made with kangaroo leather rather than calf leather. Other than that, the stitching and the amount of material used is the same.

From there, we have two other readily noticeable differences between the soccer shoes. The first is the insole. The adiNova isn’t as comfortable as the adiPure, but that should be tempered with the fact that very few shoes have an insole on the adiPure’s level. The adiNova still delivers a quality insole that keeps your foot from feeling unnecessary pressure or fatigue, and it’s also going to stay structurally sound for the life of the boot. The second difference rests with the soleplate. Both are made with a TPU plate, but the adiPure is simply a higher grade. Again, that doesn’t necessarily mean the adiNova isn’t quality. The adiNova plate is flexible and sturdy, but it may wear out somewhat sooner than the aiPure. The TPU quality carries over into the studs, though the layout and design of said studs is identical. They’re bladed and arranged in the same fashion as one another. Again, I don’t mean to imply that the adiNova is vastly inferior to the adiPure; I’m simply giving you a reference point.

The time has come to reveal the price point for the adiNova boots, ladies and gentleman. Draws back curtain—the retail is set at $60, but soccerpro.com has them for $40 at the moment. That price is absolutely absurd for a full calf-grain leather boot that provides this amount of comfort, balance and durability. I also caution you not to underestimate the fit of the adiNovas. They fit true to size and will eventually feel like a custom shoe given the leather upper. If you’re at a highly competitive point in your career, then I’d say look into the adiPure; however, if you’re playing recreationally or are in the early stages of select soccer, then the adiNova boots should absolutely be on your radar.

Written by: Kris Dyer, contributing editor, soccerprose.com


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