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With the outdoor season rapidly approaching, we need to start having a look at some youth shoes. Even though there are more cleats in the men’s section, we still have some great cleats for the future soccer stars to wear during their season. One of these great cleats is the Adidas youth F50 Adizero. This shoe looks great and will help the youngsters run faster all over the field.


These cleats, like the adult version, are primarily lime green with black to accent. The upper is made of Sprintskin, which is a single layer of synthetic leather. This helps to make these the lightest cleat we have. These also have sprint web, which is the black accent. This web is textured to help give you better control and touch on the ball. The inside of the cleat has a sprint frame, which helps provide stability and support during the season. The studs are triangular shaped to give you great traction while being able to accelerate very quickly.


These are one of the most comfortable cleats on the market regardless of if they are the youth, women’s, or men’s version. The Sprintskin makes the cleats extremely light, but it also conforms to your foot to give a great feel on your foot. This conformity between your foot and cleat provides for an excellent touch on the ball. Another great feature about these cleats is the fact they give you an option of insoles. They come with a pair of ultralight insoles to reduce the weight while still providing good support. However, if you do not like those particular insoles, they come with a second pair of comfort insoles to give a little extra support in case you need it.


Even though these cleats are made for youth players, they are constructed just like any pair of adizero’s. The quality is top notch, and the comfort and touch on the ball will amaze you. Unlike Nike Vapor’s, these are comfortable right out of the box and you will be dying to go kick the ball around after you get a pair of these. Another perk of the youth version is the fact that they are cheaper. These Adizero’s are currently priced at $107.99 on SoccerPro. Even though the price is steep for a youth shoe, the quality and comfort are incredible and you will love having a pair of these to play in.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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