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We’ve had a flood of new shoe styles and replica jerseys in the shop, so it’s easy for other items to get overlooked—take for example the Real Madrid Polo, which recently arrived at our docks. Now, the shirt wasn’t overlooked because it’s cheap or awful looking; I’m just a mook, I guess, and got caught up in the torrent of soccer jerseys, including Real Madrid’s. In any case, what we have with this polo is a shirt that oozes confidence and announces class with its simple yet deliberate design.

All of the action basically resides on the sleeves and chest with this polo, which is what you’d expect. Polo shirts aren’t expected to be flashy, right? Furthermore, only 2 colors are utilized: black and gold. I know regal colors tend to be purple and gold, but a purple shirt with gold trim doesn’t exactly convey force. Black, on the other hand, sends a message of power and control with the gold trim.

You start off with a basic polo collar in black, and stemming from the collar is the gold 3-stripe design from Adidas with gold trim about three inches below the stripes. These stripes run all the way to the sleeve cuff, while the trim curves back around the arm pit and back up to the shoulder blade. The cuff has its own curved gold trim on the bottom of the sleeve, though. Just for good measure, “RM” is stitched into the left sleeve as well. I really like this simple and stylish look. Had the gold trim followed the line of the 3-stripes completely, the shirt would be a lot less attractive in my eyes. The curves give it a small amount of flair and give your eye something fresh to look at it.

The chest sees basically two elements: the Real Madrid team crest, in gold, is pressed into the left chest while the Adidas logo is stitched in gold on the right. That’s it. It’s simple and effective. The torso has a couple other design elements with stitching at the abdomen and armpit, but it’s very subtle. Thankfully the gold trim stayed on the sleeves; if the trim would have also been implemented on the abdomen, the shirt gets a little too hectic, I think. If I had to offer one suggestion, I would like to see the old fashion button-through-the-hole design rather than the snap button design on the collar. It isn’t a big deal, though; it’s just my personal preference.

The shirt is 100% polyester, which may be why they chose the snap button design, and is made with Adidas’ climalite technology. It’s a bit more on the heavy side, but it’s still breathable. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this in the dog days of summer due to the black color and the weight, but it’s a perfect spring or fall shirt for coaches and supporters. The fit on it is true to size depending on how you like your shirts. It can be a little snug around the torso, though not so tight as to be form fitting. Basically, it’s looser than a jersey, but tighter than a cotton t-shirt. Just to be safe, make sure you try a size up to see if it feels better. In any case, the shirt is absolutely worth the $40 price tag given the quality material and the stylish look.

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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