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29-year-old Swedish International giant Zlatan Ibrahimovic has stated his desire to finish out his career in the United States, as he intends for his current European contract to run out and then leave. Here’s what he had to say:

“I want to play one or two years in a nice place, and then retire,” Ibrahimovic told Voetbal International.
“As I see it now, this is my last contract with a European club. When I’m done in Milan I will play a year or two in the United States.”

A few things to note about Ibra’s quotes. First off, he considers the US a nice place. Sweet deal. Unfortunately, it’s another retirement party story. He’ll be 34 when his current contract runs out in Europe and it’ll be the year 2014, certainly well past the Swede’s motivational playing style. He’d certainly get a Designated Player deal with a team requiring a goal-scorer. Also notice that his quote says he will be in the US once he is done playing in Milan. I guess he’s hoping for a purchase for the Italian giants rather than an extended loan deal? I suppose it was not likely he would have been welcome back to Barca. Barcelona president Sandro Rosell words tell it all:

“My best decision was to sell Ibrahimovic. It was a disaster for us on an economic level, but he has a high salary and it was not possible to get anymore from his sale,”
“However, it was a great move in terms of the squad and it is a choice I am very proud of.”

Milan have the option to purchase Ibracadabra for around €24 million [£21m] in the summer. I can imagine both sides desperate to see the Swede permanently settle into an AC Milan jersey. He has been on great form since arriving at the San Siro, with 13 goals and 9 assists in a respectable 20 appearances thus far. So, assuming he plays out his contract in Milan, I could see the Ibrahimovic heading to a city with a large Swedish community associated with it, such as Chicago (see Andersonville). Regardless, it’ll be exciting and disappointing to see a virtually retired superstar in the states. Hopefully, he can become an impact player for a team, and with his impressive skill on the ball for his stature, I could see it happening. See you in 2014, Ibra.


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