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Man City's new badge

Manchester City has done something that has shocked even the most hardcore City fan. The blue side of Manchester has undergone a full process of consulting fans on their current badge, the past badges, and where they see the future of the club’s crest. After much deliberation and several weeks of fans debating on social media, City introduced the brand new badge that will replace the current one in the upcoming summer and will start appearing on the shirts presumably in the preseason tournaments. The big question everyone is asking about the badge switch is “Why?” What’s the point in the badge change? Allow me to shed a little more light on the subject.

Manchester have been using the current crest that features the eagle and the phrase “Superbia In Proelia” which from Latin to English means, “Pride in Battle”. This badge has represented the club since 1997 and has been through the rise of the giants that now occupy a Top 3 spot in the EPL table so far this season. In the last 5 seasons, Manchester City has gone from title hopefuls, to regular title challengers and winners on two occasions. With that being said, this badge has been on the left side of the City player’s chests for those titles and has been the symbol of success as the club has risen.

Man City home jersey badge

So why would the Man City owners want to change the badge? Well, the current badge is actually the first one that was not circular and many claimed it did not go with the club. As the years went on, many City fans started to accept the badge and went with it. Others have been irked by the badge and took the first chance they could to change it back to a circle as soon as the club sent out a notice to all “Cityzens” members through email.

Man City old badges

The new badge reverts to the old circular style that had been used in every other City badge. It takes elements from every badge used by the club and took feedback from the fans. The ship that has been on every single badge represent the trading links and the club’s global outlook. Three rivers are found, just like some of the older badges. The Irwell, Medlock, and Irk rivers which the club calls “The lifeblood of the City”. The red rose makes its return onto the badge which represents the club’s heritage to Lancashire. The year 1894 is also found on the badge to show when the club was founded..

The rebrand may surprise a few but to many City fans, this has been a long time coming. The Eagle never really represented the club and what it stands for. Although it may be cool, it was always going to be replaced down the road. The club did the right thing In the end to make sure all of the City fans were going to be happy.

The new badge will become the official one for the club starting this summer and will be seen all over the world and even on FIFA 17 this upcoming fall. With all that being said, I hope that sheds a little bit of light on why such a large club would replace their badge in such a big way.


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