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Chris Wondolowski

Chris Wondolowski

It’s going to be an interesting next few months for United States strikers. With only 4-5 open spots on the roster for forwards, no one envies the decisions that Jurgen Klinsmann has to make. We’ve got three vets that will be top prospects for Klinsmann this year: Clint Dempsey, Eddie Johnson, and Jozy Altidore. That leaves two potential spots… and no guarantee on who’s starting… for Team USA.

The Candidates

Herculez Gomez

While Gomez also has years of experience under his belt, the 31 year-old forward was limited by a knee injury this summer. He’s entering 2014 healthy and ready to go, though it seems he’s had a rocky start upon return. With younger, healthier guys coming up as the future of the USMNT, one can’t help but wonder if Gomez is the right choice for the squad.

AZ Alkmaar's Aron Johannsson

Aron Johannsson

Aron Johannsson

The 22 year old Icelandic-American is a goal-scoring machine. In the 2013/2014 season thus far, Johannsson has already scored 20 goals for AZ Alkmaar. With a recent minor injury setback, we are interested to see if Johannsson can keep up the scoring power he’s been packing. If not, it could cost him a potential spot on the USMNT roster when they head to Brazil.

Terrance Boyd

Boyd has really come into his own, particularly in club play over the last two seasons, scoring over 40 goals (combined) thus far. Unfortunately, he hasn’t seen much international play with the US squad. What’s great about Boyd is that he knows how to finish it himself, but he knows when to set it up for someone else. He’s a tremendous hold-up player, and an equally solid distributor. Could he be the one to get the job done this summer?

Chris Wondolowski

While Wondolowski didn’t start the year off as a favorite for Brazil, he’s quickly letting his goal-scoring do the talking. He’s no rookie to the game, but he’s as committed as he’s ever been. He is a hard-worker and he gets the job done. It’s easy to see that Wondo is hungry for a visit to Brazil, and he’s not giving up his spot until that roster is finalized.

Juan Agudelo

Juan Agudelo

Juan Agudelo

While you may think this kid doesn’t have the experience it takes to step up to the Tournament just yet, you may want to reconsider. His recent stints in league play prove that he’s not only ready, but he’s also hungry for the World Cup. While it doesn’t seem likely that he’s going to be Klinsmann’s first pick, if injuries continue to plague US strikers at their current rate, he wouldn’t be a bad Plan B.

The Variables


Injuries have been huge this season. With Dempsey, Altidore, Gomez, and Johannsson suffering injuries, we can’t help but wonder if that will affect their play come June.

The Vets 

Dempsey. Altidore. Johnson. These guys are strikers. They’re the playmakers. But are they making plays? With the Sounders, Dempsey hasn’t marked near the goals he did with Fulham. Altidore is tough to gauge. Sometimes he’s hot, finishing everything that comes his way. Other times, he’ll go games without one mark. Can Johnson – though proving himself to be a solid choice for Brazil– continue his streak? Who’s going to get the starting position?


This is Klinsmann’s first World Cup with the United States. He knows that the country is looking to him to get this team out of the “Group of Death” and into the second stage. That puts all the more pressure on his decision and why he is going to pick who he’s going to pick.

Our Picks

We’ll pick five. We’re calling Dempsey, Johnson, Altidore, Johannsson, and Wondolowski. How about you?



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