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SoccerProse are fortunate enough to bring you another sweet deal to brighten up your day and save you some green on soccer shoes. This weeks deal gets you a variety of big discounts on the awesome Adidas Predator Shoes. Discounts are listed below:

45% off Adidas Predator Absolion Champions League

45% off Adidas Predator Absolion Black with Sun

40% off Adidas Predator X David Beckham White with Red

40% off Adidas Predator X Champions League

40% off Adidas Predator X Black with White and Red

40% off Adidas Predator X Black with Sun

33% off Adidas Predator Absolado White with Navy

25% off Adidas Predator X Electricity

20% off Adidas Youth Predito X White with Navy

10% off Adidas Predator X Stealth


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