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Currently a contending for a La Liga title, El Submarino Amarillo are currently sporting a new Home jersey that is turning heads.

The Villarreal Home Jersey is made by Puma and the 100% polyester material is a testament to that. Putting on the jersey, I felt quite comfortable. The jersey has a similar feel to that of a mesh material. The back of the jersey supports this view, as intricate patterns line the material. At a closer look, the design looks similar to a spine, which is quite eye-catching too and a bold decision from Puma. However, the mesh feel makes the jersey quite breathable for torrid game time conditions, a definitive plus for the shirt.  Some will knock the bright yellow colors, but  the tradition of the club and the players who play for the Yellow Submarine will testify they are proud to wear the bright colors (players like Giuseppe Rossi, Marcos Senna, and our very own Jozy Altidore). Remember, Jozy Altidore notched his first goal for the storied club recently? He’ll start hitting his stride in this styling jersey and he’s leading the US attack to in his USA Home Jersey.

The team’s crest is nested in the upper right hand corner of the jersey, as is tradition with most soccer jerseys out there. A Puma logo is stitched into the upper left hand corner and looks nice and clean. One noticeable missing feature of the jersey is the lack of a sponsorship. This makes the feel a bit plain, however the layout of the two front pieces looks professional and subtle. I’m personally a fan of teams not selling shirt space to failing insurance companies or firms you’ve simply never have heard.

Many will be deterred by the bright yellow colors, but in all honesty, the trend in jerseys and soccer gear is to have others look at you in your noticeable threads. The Villarreal Home Jersey is certainly noticeable, flashy, yet simple and professional thanks to its lack of sponsorship.  Puma built a jersey that will last thanks to the 100% polyester fabric. The jersey has some unique features, such as the mesh back design and the vibrant colorway. Overall, a solid jersey.

Written by Chris Behrens, writer for soccerprose.com


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