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So here we have a case of testosterone run wild in the worst way as Montevideo Wanderers find themselves 1-0 down in the second half. Diogo, one of the Wanderers players can be seen trying to get the ball away from a opponent as he runs the clock in the corner. Frustrated, Diogo loses his head, and stamps on him to get the soccer ball. The player then rolls away theatrically, and Diogo is rightly red carded. However, while, his team mate protests the call with the linesman, Diogo walks over says something unfriendly and promptly slap the official across the face.

Not his finest hour, I think a lengthy ban will follow this little outburst, but to his credit, Diogo apologized to the ref, players, club, and fans for letting them down.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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  1. Handling an official in any professional sport in Australia is a serious offence. In many places it is an automatic lifetime ban. It should be a minimum of a one year ban in ANY field of play to be an example to others including todays young players. Officials are like police doing a job and are to be respected. They are just following the rules as the player should. This man already showed anger and bad sportsmanship to another player and then hits an official. Red card, one year, no pay.