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The Premierships opening fixture between Everton and the men in Tottenham jerseys has just been cancelled due to the continued rioting in London and other cities in England. While their has been no violence at other lower division matches this week, the decision was made by the FA to postpone the fixture as the Tottenham High Road is under police control and will not be open to traffic until sometime late Friday, making it impossible for fans to get to the match safely.

In addition, the continued rioting has tied up already stretched police forces to the brink and they aren’t sufficient officers left over to handle security at White Hart Lane. While no decision has been made on other nine fixtures this weekend it seems likely that there won’t be games played in any areas directly affected by serious rioting, or that have sent a large number of their police force to London to quell the violence. This includes Manchester and Liverpool, which may prevent several of the opening games from being played.

As with any situation, this could change quickly, and we’ll give you more information as we get it, but for now all we can do is hope for the best, and plan for the worst….another weekend with no EPL matches.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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