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The craziest winter transfer period in recent memory has come and gone, with clubs spending around 10 times as much as the previous winter transfer period. One man expected to move in all the madness, David Beckham, trained with Tottenham for a month or so, while Spurs manager insisted on signing him during this time period. He, of course, failed, with Beckham set to see out his contract with the Galaxy until November, when it is unknown whether he’d be open to a move back to Europe. Beckham will be 36 when his contract expires with LA so most would figure that’d be the England international’s last time on the pitch. However, Harry Redknapp is apparently insistent upon getting the old man back to playing England, claiming he loves the way Beckham plays.

I was already confused as to why Redknapp would want Beckham on the squad a month ago while the transfer period was going on, but now I’m just flabbergasted. I could perhaps see the argument of having a leader on the pitch and a role model for fellow Spurs players to look up to while he rides the bench. Maybe it’s because Redknapp knows a Beckham jersey will sell. But why not just bring him on as a coach? It’s not like the man will receive playing time over the deep Spurs midfield line anyway (Bale, Modric, Palacios, Van der Vaart, Lennon, Kranj?ar). Do you see him beating out those men, especially with the squad fighting hard for a second consecutive Champions League place?

I’m not sure if this is just posturing by Redknapp or he’s serious. At any rate, I’m ready for Beckham to hang up his boots. He’s one of the greatest England internationals to play, but he is well past his prime. Please, Beckham. Do not consider this. You are done.


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