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After last weekend’s clash of the Big Four in the Premier League ended in anti-climatic fashion, it appears Arsenal and Manchester United will be left to battle for the league crown.

Never mind that Chelsea sit in third place, five points behind United and six points behind Arsenal. The upcoming African Cup of Nations, plus the injury to Didier Drogba will see to it that the Blues’ title shot is over. As for Liverpool, it is 10 points back of the Gunners, with a game in hand though, but appears to falling instead of rising. It’s been 18 years since Liverpool has won the league and this looks like another missed opportunity.

So back to Man U and Arsenal. The two sides look as strong as ever. Arsenal is doing it with youth and a grittiness not usually seen by the side. William Gallas and Kolo Toure have solidified the back while Cesc Fabregas continues to pull the strings in midfield. Meanwhile, United is getting the most out of its summer signings (Carlos Tevez and Anderson) while Cristiano Ronaldo remains brilliant and Ryan Giggs a rock of stability and experience.

When the season began, many thought Manchester United would be where it is (currently one point out of first), but many prognosticators were less confident in the young Gunners. They were routinely picked to finish fourth, or even fifth. A few pundits pegged them to positively respond to Thierry Henry’s departure, but that was the exception. Now Arsenal is a spitting image of the beautiful game with their one-touch passing and fluid movement. There might not be a side in the world that looks better when it plays.

Some will say that it is better when more teams are involved in the title chase, but if those four teams only include the same four over and over, how great is it? I’m all for teams rising up and challenging the established powers (can Manchester City do it this year?), but Arsenal and Man U have established themselves as the class of the league. The only thing that will be up for grabs is Champions League spots.

I like this. These two teams have superstars and are incredibly talented. They win with ruthless efficiency. Add in the fact that they hate each other and this is shaping up to be a great title race between two powers in the game.

For me, it can only get better from here.


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