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1). Fernando Torres Can’t Find His Form: Whatever happened to Torres at the end of last EPL campaign has carried on for months and fans are getting impatient. Yes, his injury woes have not helped him get back into his stride and his most recent knock doesn’t help either. However, the Anfield faithful have expected that he score more than 1 goal in 9 appearances for the club, considering his previous goalscoring rate (22 goals in 32 appearances last season)

2). Liverpool lost to Blackpool: This was beyond shocking. Liverpool played easily the worst first half of football of any side thus far this season and Ian Hollaway’s men took full advantage of the struggling side. Give credit to Blackpool, they played their hearts out and deserved the win. But a side with Gerrard, Kuyt, and Carragher should be able to break through more easily than it did. The loss was a true embarrassment to the Reds.

3). Roy Hodgson is a Terrible Manager: Give credit for realizing Rafa Benitez was not the answer, however putting Hodgson in the drivers seat was no answer either. Hodgson is managing just like he did when he first arrived at Fulham when in a relegation battle. He scraped out draws and earned results the hard way to keep Fulham afloat. For some reason, that isn’t working here. Oh wait. It shouldn’t work with the amount of quality this side should have.

4). New American Owners Won’t Help: Word has just got out that New England Sports Ventures has agreed to the purchase of the club from current American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett. The Liverpool fans have been loving Americans so far. Imagine the love they’ll give to new American owners. Hooray America!

5).Skrtel is more of a Pokemon than a Player: It’s not just the fact that he looks like Squirtle. Just take a look and tell me if you think he looks like a turtle. He’s playing like a wimpy turtle too and Roy Hodgson is more like Ash Ketchum than a real manager. Ketchum just needs his rival Gary to appear from nowhere and Team Rocket to steal all his Pokemon or money. Money in this case, I guess. Ah, the golden days of Pokemon.

6). 6 points in 6 Games: Have you seen who Liverpool have played? 1 win against opposition such as West Bromwich, Blackpool, Sunderland, and Birmingham City. And that’s pretty fortunate they have 6 points in 6 games, too. Sitting in 18th place, ever, is a travesty for the Reds.

7).Where is the Replacement for Xabi Alonso or Mascherano? Nowhere: Christian Poulsen and Raul Meireles may be lined up to be replacements for the two former Liverpool greats, however, they aren’t destined to become greats themselves. Poulsen is past his prime and Meireles, while a solid player with excellent passing range and long-shot ability, is promising but probably won’t be too patient with Liverpool’s disaster start, despite just signing for the Reds.

8). No Money Available: Considering the club is going through an awful financial crisis and could easily go into administration as Portsmouth did last campaign, the possibility for securing new, quality players will be slim to none over the next year. Rumors have already put Torres and Reina out the door, which may free up some money. But by that time, what are the selling points of the club to bring quality players in? “We have Squirtle…?”

9). Anfield is falling apart: Another non-selling point for the Reds comes in their awful stadium at Anfield. Opened in 1884, Anfield has been due for a makeover for at least 30 years, and again, the money situation doesn’t help repairing it or replacing it even. Plans of replacing Anfield have been in the works since 2002, but obviously nothing has happened. Playing in a horrible stadium for a club with no money and few quality players doesn’t really help bring in the fans.

10). No Support from the Former Greats: Even old Liverpool legends have been bad-mouthing the team, not the greatest inspiration for the players of this dreadful squad. “Forget about history and tradition, forget about the owners, forget about the manager – that defeat against Blackpool is all about the players,” Alan Hansen, former Liverpool defender, ranted. “Liverpool fans might be thinking that things cannot get any worse than the current shambles – but believe me, regrettably they can.” exclaimed Ian Rush, even claiming Liverpool could go down the path of Leeds United. How sad of a fall.

written by Chris Behrens, soccerprose.com writer


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