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Well it seems Roy Hodgson and Roy Keane have both been sacked today. Its no surprise really, as Liverpool and Ipswich have both shared the same fate as under performing players and ineffective managers have doomed both sides to mediocrity. Granted, mediocrity has an all together different look about it at Ipswich compared to Liverpool, but they are both playing atrocious, boring football at the moment.

Roy Hodgson seems to have left with slightly more dignity intact than Roy Keane, but only just, as his tear filled post match farewell speech to the players, delivered before he had actually been sacked, is more telling of his own mental state than the sate of Liverpool as a club. He seems a broken man, and combined with his recent lashing out at the Kop, there’s no way he can stay in a Liverpool jersey, and he knows it. He leaves his successor a terrible mess to contend with, as his signings have all been more fitting of a middle division club like Fulham, than a topflight team like Liverpool. Not one big name has been brought to the club, only more mediocre players from boring leagues which may be able to halt the decline, but leave no really room to build for the future. It’s not hopeless for the new manager, but without some serious investment and backing from new owners NESV, its going to be along way back to the top. Ironically, our next contest on the soon to be on the dole list is everyones favorite ignoramus, Roy Keane, who has been linked to the soon to be open spot at Liverpool.

I’m not sure if hiring Roy Keane for any job other than hatchet man or professional scumbag would be a good idea, but letting him take over the Reds? That would be genius or madness, but at least it wouldn’t be boring. Roy Keane is many things, volatile, arrogant, undignified, basically a scumbag version of Jose Mourinho minus the skills and results to match. I think he would fit in well with Liverpool for several reasons, the fanatical support is something he would identify with and feed off of. It motivated him at Manchester United as a player and he needs that to excel.

Keane can also be a very motivational speaker in the dressing room, and isn’t afraid to kick someone or speak his mind, good qualities in a manager, and something Liverpool, and Fernando Torres in particular could do with.

However, there is the other side of Roy Keane as well. The scourge of shin guards everywhere, a volatile angry man who shuns those who doubt him, and lashes out at those around him. This volatility is surely what doomed his previous managerial forays, along with a tendency to get bored, and let that get eh better of him. If Liverpool can keep him occupied, and entertained, it may work out well for him and the club, but there will be no middle ground with him, as it will either end, in genius or madness. One thing is for certain, if Keane is put in charge at Liverpool, I wouldn’t want to be an Everton player warming up on the Anfield touchline.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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