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Well it seems a reason for West Ham’s inexplicable turn around in form has been, found, but not in a new training regiment, or soccer shoes, or renewed resolve, but in Avram Grant’s lucky scarf. The scarf in question, graced his neck during the Carling Cup quarter-final in which Fulham beat Manchester united. Apparently, the kit man noticed his manger was cold, and took a minute away from minding the soccer jerseys gave him the scarf to keep the cold away on the touchline. Since then, whenever he has worn the team colors around his neck, West Ham have managed a victory or at least a draw. During a press conference Grant said that: “It was Bob Oteng, the kit man, who supplied it,” Grant said. “It was very cold against Manchester United but very warm after the game. Everything is warm after a win.” (To be fair if my side beat Man Utd 4-0 I’d keep the scarf, soccer balls, and everything else then give the kit man a raise)

It has to be said, their has been a large measure of luck involved in these wins, and to some degree the losses suffered by the Hammers. The recent defeat at Manchester City seems to fit here. But strangest of all; Fulham set up both of Carlton Cole’s goals at Craven Cottage, both Everton and Wolves scored own goals at Upton Park, and no top flight team has manged to beat West Ham while the sacred scarf has been round his neck. Grant is no stranger to luck, both good and bad, as his time in Liverpool was in many ways marked by turns of fortune. For his part, Grant had this stomach turning anecdote about his time at Maccabi Haifa:

“I remember when I was in Israel it was winter and I wore the same clothes. We won 11 games but I couldn’t carry on wearing it, my shirt was smelling. I changed and we drew so the owner blamed me.”

Either way, the owners and Hammer faithful seem to have developed a taste for the Israeli and he should be able to continue for a few more weeks at least. The Hammers travel to Newcastle United tomorrow, and Grant is looking to build on the win at Fulham. His side’s only away victory since the opening day of the 2009-10 season. As he said recently: “Not to win away games for so long is difficult. After beating Sunderland everyone was so happy, even though it was the Carling Cup. Fulham was very important to win, and the way we did as well.” We’ll see if the scarf makes an appearance as well.


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