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The KC Wizards have changed their name,. and their kit, to become Sporting KC. Now the name change hasn’t gone down to well in some quarters, but for my part I really don’t care what they call them. The important thing is the owners are investing in the team, and building a brand new stadium that I’ve driven by, and it looks pretty sweet. The new jersey itself has three main elements, the fit, comfort, and the embroidered badge.

This Sporting KC soccer jersey is made from 100% polyester and feel soft on the skin and holds it temperature well. This means that even if the outside air is cold, so long as you keep moving you won’t feel it on areas the jersey covers. Also, if you wear it under a jacket, it acts like a base layer and really hold the heat in while keeping the cold out. The jersey also features Adidas’ Climacool technology. This has a fancy technical explanation, but basically it means it has vents under the arms and it won’t get water logged even if you are sweating heavily.

The official crest of Sporting KC looks great against the deep blue background of the jersey, and is brand new too. It has a line running through it at a funny angle that symbolizes the Kansas-Missouri border that cuts through the Kansas City. The crest is embroidered and should be pretty durable over the long term. The jersey also doesn’t have a big sponsor logo on the front as yet, which means there’s no advertising cluttering the front of the soccer jersey up, just the crest and Adidas logo.

Overall its a great looking shirt, comfortable, and any BBQ stains you get on it will washout without any problems. At $69.99, there not to pricey, and this shirt is very durable.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

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