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It seems the lunar eclipse has driven everyone a bit mad these week as we are now reporting that Captain Blade, the beloved pirate mascot of Sheffield United has held up a fixture with rivals Doncaster on Monday. His protest involved sitting down in the centre circle at half time and refusing to leave to allow the match to restart instead holding up a sign that said ” Free the Preston One.”

The entire incident was precipitated by the dismal and removal of Preston’s mascot, Deepdale Duck, who was dismissed for allegedly putting off the Derby goalkeeper during a match. No video of the incident has yet emerged, but its clearly an absurd decision to remove the beloved Duck due to a goalie who was whining over letting in a goal. The reports from scene indicate the Duck was leaning against the goal post prior to the kick being lined up and taken and was escorted off for it. Normally, the Duck sits in the stand and entertains the children, but was apparently let on the pitch for a bit of fun and it ended with him being led away in front of the supporters. Needless to say this has been treated a vile insult to the club on the official forums.

It’s not clear why Capitan Blade wanted to accomplish, but no action will be taken against Deepdale Duck. A spokesman for Preston defiantly stated: “We’re still not quite sure why Deepdale Duck was escorted off but he’ll be back.” I’m sure what will happen as a result of this controversial sending off, but it seems certain Captain Blade can expect a barrel of rum and a warm welcome from the Preston crowd when he next makes the trip to Deepdale. Also, Preston won the match, so no harm done really. Hopefully Deepdale Duck and Captain Blade can avoid any more brushes with the law in future, but if not, it seems certain an army of fellow mascots will be waiting to break them out.

For our part, we at soccerprose.com wish Deepdale Duck all the best and hope to see round the sideline again soon.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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