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Every now and again, while tending to Ye Olde SoccerPro Shoppe, I look at the wall of soccer balls and think, “man, what if those were Texas sized?” Then I remember, we have a Texas sized ball right in the shop with the Select Grande Trainer ball! I bet three full size 5 balls could fit inside this bad boy, so long as you cut one ball in half and distribute it properly. When parents and kids come in the shop, both take notice of the ball. Kids think it’s cool because it’s awesomely huge, and parents dig it because it’s awesomely goofy. For me, it falls somewhere along that spectrum.

For the technical stuff, the ball has a PU casing and latex bladder construction and blahbity blahbity—it’s just as well constructed as any other ball, but Select had the cojones to make a ball brilliantly huge. Speaking of brilliant, the visual design of this ball is the same as the rest of Select’s Brilliant Super line. Each hexagonal plate is stitched together and is outlined by shapes that I can only describe as “Asteroid ships.” I mean the game, not the ship from the truly epic Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck cinematic masterpiece.

Do I think this ball would be great for dodgeball? Nope. Kids would be visiting the hospital too often. Is it great for four-square? I doubt it. It doesn’t bounce high enough or lend itself to being slapped very much. What do I suggest you do with this ball? Get a few friends together, and take it to the park. Spread really far apart, and then bomb this sucker to one another. You’ll definitely impress some fellow park-goers. Who knows, this soccer ball could be a soccer version of taking your puppy to the park. Sure, it’s $43.99 per ball, but can you really put a price on impressing people and potentially snagging a date? I don’t think so.

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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