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Select is one of the premier manufacturers of soccer balls in the world and for good reason; they’ve always had a commitment to incredible quality and attempt to get their balls approved by various organizations, such as FIFA, UEFA, NFHS, and IMS so the user knows they are dealing with an extremely high quality product. With such high quality, however, comes an understandable hike in price. Most select balls run at least $40 and can go upwards of $120 for their premier ball. Fortunately, you can now get Select quality at an affordable price with the brand new Select Futsal Jinga Ball.

The Select Futsal Jinga is really the perfect storm between price and quality. Since the ball is meant for Futsal play, the ball will only come in size 3, so you’ll either love or hate that aspect. At any rate, it’s a versatile and durable ball that is ideal for training sessions, recreational, or competitive play. Through testing, it’s held up fabulously well. There are no noticeable marks on the ball through five extended training sessions. Plus, I’m not really worried about it breaking it down; if it does break down, Select has always stood behind their products with their industry-known warranty. It’s also a pretty attractive looking ball, too. The blue and white paneling with black contour lines are really stylish and have a modern feel, all while holding true to Select’s design patterns in the past.

Overall, it’s a really high quality futsal ball. Select always makes quality products and this ball is no different. Only thing that changes is that it’s a size three ball and you’re getting an amazing price on it.

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