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A 1-0 loss to the Chicago Fire ended the Los Angeles Galaxy’s season and its’ improbable push for a playoff spot. The loss also ended David Beckham’s first season in Major League Soccer. Although calling five games played, 252 minutes on the field, two assists and zero goals a season is a bit of a stretch.

Yes he suffered injuries and he appeared pained that he was not performing and playing, especially when capacity crowds showed up on account of him scheduled to be performing. And yes it was a performance. The entire show of his announcement to his arrival to the endless coverage of his bum ankle grabbed more attention than anything he did on the field. When he sprained his knee Aug. 29 it forced him to miss 11 games and the show was cut short.

Now the off-season begins and Beckham needs to get healthy and rested for what will be his true first season in MLS next year. It’s great that he brought fame and attention to the league and his jersey sold like crazy, but now there needs to be results on the field. All the talk and hype needs to be backed up.

So I don’t care if I hear another word about Beckham until the 2008 MLS season rolls around. With the playoffs starting the focus of the league needs to be on the soccer being played. The league’s biggest icon can still make an impact; that’s why he was signed to a five-year contract. For now it’s time for a rest.

A healthy David Beckham isn’t just good for the Galaxy, it’s what MLS has to have.


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