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Schlake 04 coach Ralf Rangnick, is known as a bit of a comedian and he’s unleashed a barrage of satire on Manchester and England as a whole ahead of tonights Champions League clash. For my part, I think its about time the Germans got one back against the English for all those awful jokes they have on the BBC about them…

“The English are going nuts this week about the wedding – no, not Katie Price this time but Prince William,” gushed the column. “England is the motherland of football of course. But they have still not learned about penalties.

“In Wayne Rooney we have the eternal favourite son-in-law for English mothers and that evergreen youngster Edwin van der Sar, who takes goalkeeping tips from Jens Lehmann. And then there is Malcolm Glazer, who for Manchester United fans is the equivalent of Lord Voldemort.”

Almost 2,500 United fans are expected at the first-leg encounter, each with a similar name, according to Schalke.

“The typical Manc man is called Paul. He has darts in his right pocket and in his left pocket has a picture of a bulldog. The girls are called Samantha. And can you believe they put vinegar on their chips?”

Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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