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Soccerprose.com continues to stand by its statements Ronaldinho’s impending transfer to the LA Galaxy from AC Milan. Remember, we were right that manufacturers had stopped selling his name to go on the back of the AC Milan jersey, and we were right about him moving in January, we’re sure our prediction will come true.

A lot has been made of a possible move back, to Brazil, but the money and incentives just aren’t there for him. He has his family with him in England, who all speak English, so there’s no worry about a language barrier, he loves the night life and Los Angeles has some of the best in the world, and the climate would be just right for him. Furthermore, the standards of play in the MLS aren’t exactly world class, and he won’t have to work as hard to get results for the club. He’ll be treated like a hero, and still be able to embrace the lazy lifestyle that has met with so much criticism in Milan. My guess is his impending arrival is the only reason the Galaxy have been willing to let Beckham go to Tottenham, possibly permanently. They’d never risk their golden boy without another waiting in the wings. Look for him to make the move at the end of January, and make an appearance in early March once the MLS gets back underway.

As for Becks, the poshed footballer around, soccerprose.com are backing him to be put on loan to Tottenham. It seems clear at this point Beckham has a secret clause in his contract that allows him to go out on loan at will so long as the money is right. The fact the Tottenham’s offer so closely match AC Milan’s seems to indicate that the transfer will go through and he will be wearing white come February. whether Beckham returns to the Galaxy after his loan spell is up remains to be seen, and will probably depend on how he does. Beckham wants to get back into the mix for England, and he can only do that if he proves he can play top-flight football outside of his MLS retirement home. If he can’t, look for him to rejoin Posh and the kids in March.

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Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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