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Nike have released the latest version of their Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Mercurial Vapors and they are the best looking pair yet. The black synthetic leather upper on these cleats has pink and blue band running around the base of it as it meet the sole plate which the pick color continues on to. They also feature the new CR7 logo on the heel in gold along with the decals and trim you’d expect to find on any Nike limited edition product. This upper is made form the same Teijin synthetics Nike been using on all the Vapor VIII’s and they seem to have really cracked the synthetic shoe formula with it. Its as soft and malleable as a kangaroo leather pair of soccer boots and will mold to your foot right out of the box making the painful break of time previous versions of the Mercurial Vapor a thing of the past.

The boots also feature the latest in Nike technology, an All Conditions Control(ACC) treated upper. ACC will allow these boots to perform the same in the wet as they do in try conditions, particularly when playing will one of the newer synthetic soccer balls. The boots are, at the root, treated with a hydrophobic compound that means water can’t stick to the surface of them. So, even if you were to dunk the upper in water, it will all run right off it like the surface of the rain jacket. This isn’t to say the inside or the sockliner won’t get wet, but at least you won’t lose any performance.

The cleat pattern on the bottom of these soccer cleats are geared toward giving a player the ability to burst forward and score goals. You’ve got four cleats on the forefoot to give you all the bite you can get when you are taking off on the run and want to keep moving forward. The two rear cleats are there for stability, and get the job done, but do keep in mind these shoes are built for the rough and tumble of defending, and are probably best used by a striker or winger.

Overall, these are sharp looking pair of cleat worthy of one of the world greatest soccer players and are extremely limited, so be sure you pick yours up sooner rather than later by clicking this link for our favorite sponsor, SoccerPro.com


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