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The Reusch Xosa Pro G1 Goalkeeper gloves are a great combination of value and quality. They combine necessary features that a goalkeeper looks for in a pair of goalkeeper gloves with a mid-range price tag. It’s a great value.

First of all, I was most impressed with the grip in the Xosa Pro G1. It uses a latex palm, and it doesn’t need a lot. Because it’s made with a micro-porous structure, you can have 100% flexibility, without compromising grip. I was also really impressed with the comfort. As a goalkeeper, sometimes finding the most comfortable gloves is hard. First of all, the wrap around wrist strap makes offers a great, customizable fit. It’s easy to adjust if you need more support, and it makes getting the glove on a quick process. I also found the AirVentSystem to be one of my favorite features. Goalkeepers know that the worst part of a glove is how hot and uncomfortable they can get. Well, the Reusch Xosa Pro G1 has ventilation throughout all of the fingers and around the hand, so that your hands can breathe. Truthfully, it keeps the smell down, too!

The only complaint I have about the Xosa Pro G1 is the backhand. It uses a foam and mesh combination. I usually prefer the thick latex or memory foam on the back hand for punching, but this combination allows you to keep optimal flexibilty, while gloves with thicker foam are less flexible. It’s definitley a preference choice, and it’s just not my preferred style.

Otherwise, this glove is great. It’s uses bright colors, it’s comfortbale, it’s light, and the grip is awesome, which is really the most important feature in a glove! SoccerPro has the Reusch Xosa Pro G1 listed at $71.99, which proves that this glove is a great-value-buy.

Written by: Bonnie Kuhn, goalkeeper enthusiast, soccerprose.com

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