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So it seems there was some truth to the rumors that Manchester United is about to be sold, as previously highlighted on this website. The royal family of Qatar is preparing a fresh £1.5billion bid for Manchester United after the Glazers rejected an earlier offer. Accoridng to The Daily Mail A source close to the oil-rich emirate’s ruling Al Thani family confirmed that it made an offer to the Glazers earlier this month with an offer of just over £1bn. The bid was turned down by the Americans, who are holding out for closer to £1.8bn.

That figure, which is honestly well within the reach of the oil rich emirate, could seal the deal and finally dislodge the Glazer’s from the club. And while the Prime Minister of Qatar admits he doesn’t know the rules of footbal, and he’s overseeing the 2022 World Cup efforts, they are well able to buy whatever they please. However, it seems that the same fans who longer for the Glazers’ removal find themselves going from one perceived despot, to an actual despot.

The Emir of Qatar and his family may put put a nice face on their rule, but make no mistake, the man is a tyrant and his money is made off the backs of underpaid laborers who work under horrible conditions. And the fact that the bid seems to be motivated not only by the need of Qatar to shore up its soccer street cred, but by their envy of rival Middle Eastern strongman Sheik Mansour’s ownership of Manchester City.

For their part, United have denied that any bid has been placed from Qatar Holdings, the company through which the royal family would buy the club, but it seems there maybe another way for the Qatari’s to credibly buy all the men in Manchester United jerseys. If they were to partner with the Red Knights, the rich supporters group who attempted to oust the Glazers earlier this year with a £1bn offer. If they helped put the Red Knights in charge, it would be a boon for supporters, and assure supporter for the Qatari’s at Old Trafford. Will this all go through, will Manchester United be sold, only time will tell.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

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