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The Puma women’s Lifestyle Hoodie is the perfect sweatshirt for spring. I am excited to have finally found a sweatshirt that is light enough for those breezy spring days. It also allows me to switch up my outfits and accessorize in a number of ways. Not only is it perfect for a long jog in some yoga pants, I can also pair it with a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt for a stylish trip to the store. The purple accents inside the hood as well as the small purple details on the seaming and drawstring are just the right amount of “POP.” Most sweatshirts, especially short or sleeveless ones, are too form fitting around the upper arm, creating an ill-fitting look. This sleeveless hoodie is in no way constricting or too form fitting.

I cannot talk about this hoodie, however, without talking about comfort. This mostly cotton sweatshirt is unbelievably comfortable. The material is thinner than most sweatshirts, making it perfect for a light breeze. The pocket is double lined creating an even warmer place for your hands. The inside of the hood is lined with purple mesh and is a great contrast to the white cotton material.

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