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I’ll be frank: I’ve been an Adidas fanboy for years. My first pair of premium boots was the first incarnation of the popular Predator series. I’ve had two pairs of Nike boots in my playing career and found my feet to be too wide for the fit of a traditional Nike speed shoe like the Vapor. When a pair of new Puma soccer cleats rolled across my desk today, I was, needless to say because of preference toward the 3-striped firm, a bit skeptical. I’ve found myself to be surprised with each wear of the new Powercat 1.10 Elktro FG boot.

The first thing to notice about the shoe is its very unique styling. Puma prides itself in creating a look all its own and the Elektro Powercat is no different. The guys at Puma couldn’t have picked stranger names for how to describe the colorway of this shoe: Skydiver with White and Dandelion…I’m just as confused as you are so we’ll just go with that the shoe is blue with white and yellow accenting. It’s a nice modern look however the shoe doesn’t necessarily go with every kit out there, love it or hate that feature. Then again, nor do purple Adidas boots and players wear those all the time. At any rate, the main point of the shoe is if you are going to fork over more than $150 for a pair of shoes, you’d expect some decent quality out of the shoe and you’ll be more than satisfied with its performance.

To start off, the shoe is made of a microfiber. It’s thin and lightweight like most speed boots out there and it does take some getting used to. Though I’m a leather boot fan myself, the shoe has held up nicely and provides a nice natural touch on the ball. The cleat pattern is similar to other Powercat models out there and provides sufficient turning radius and acceleration off the ball. The offset lacing system also takes some getting used to, but it’s not as if this shoe is an anomaly in any fashion. The laces help create a huge strike area for shots which is nice. I felt in total control of where I wanted the ball to travel, despite my amateurish soccer skills. The heel counter in the back fits your foot nice and snug in the shoe and helps the shoe maintain its shape and durability over time. The shoe runs in sizing similar to a pair of Nike’s so I’d suggest going a half size up if you traditionally wear Adidas boots like myself.

Overall, with every juke and turn on the pitch, I was continually impressed by the new Powercats. It’s a quality alternative to one of the two big brands and rivals other premium boots out there produced by both Nike and Adidas. If you’re open to change, check these out. You won’t be disappointed.

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