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So have in front of me one the most beautiful and durable shoes in the history of soccer, and its feels good. The Puma Liga XL has been around for years and its always been known for its quality and touch. The boot borrows heavily from the venerable design of the Puma King and features many of the same things that made those so famous.

The upper is a soften full grain leather which, for me, makes the shoe. There’s no matching the touch and fit of a full grain leather upper. Once broken in, it hugs your foot like a glove and gives a soft touch on the ball that a synthetic just can’t match. The upper is also double stitched at all the stress points so it won’t rip or tear easily. Honestly, I’ve had my pair for two years and they are still in great condition. It’s just a matter of caring for the leather properly, and they’ll hold up for you too. The lacking is asymmetrical so it won’t interfere with ball control or shooting, and the tongue flap helps wide the control surface on the top of these soccer shoes.

The outsole is also very durable and is TPU injected to give extra strength while preserving flexibility. The studs are conical, not blades, so you won’t get your cleats caught in the turf as easily, or stub your boots when your quickly slowing down to make a cut. The insole is also really comfortable and is more like something you’d find on a pair of indoor soccer shoes. The insoles are build for comfort, and I’m a big fan. The shoe also features a heel cup, which helps hold your foot in place, and also gives you a little extra protection.

Overall, its a workhorse shoe that will last you for years. It doesn’t really excel in any area, but its great across the board and will work for any player, or even a ref, and at $41.99, it well worth the gamble.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com

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