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Puma is known for making quality, non-flashy boots and sticking by their standards. The company has stuck with its classic style with their new (amazingly more flashy) Puma soccer shoes, the King Finale. It’s a highly durable boot that is simple yet elegant (can I say that about a soccer shoe? I don’t care, I’m doing it anyway and you can’t stop me). Let’s dive into some sweet features.

The Puma King Finale is a Kangaroo leather boot, meaning that you will get a shoe that will conform to your foot’s exact specifications, have extreme comfort, and have an extremely soft touch on the ball. The shoe also has patented AptoLast technology. What’s that mean? Well, glad you asked (because I certainly was wondering, too, when I read about the technology). Essentially, the shoe is made to last even longer thanks to this sweet patented technology. The shoe is injected with the stuff so you can wear this shoe for multiple seasons. At under $130 for a starting price point, that’s a deal I can get used to quickly. Did I mention this shoe was comfortable? Conical studs help you achieve maximum control and comfort with each step you take on the pitch and suede ankle linings help you keep your feet cozy in any condition. But how’s the shoe look?

Some may argue that the shoe is a bit plain and I could agree with some of the points. The King Finale is black all over with its kangaroo leather but has some nice accenting features that help make the boot stand out a bit. A white k-leather tongue with a Puma logo help add some quick class to your look. Two thick white accenting lines adorn either side of the shoe and look nice against the black k-leather. Finally, yellow accent lines are laid out all over this shoe so you can add a bit of style to your game quickly. The yellow is a bit neon but certainly works decently with the black and white primary color scheme.

Overall, the shoe is a classic fit for a classic player. If you’ve got the old school mentality for a boot that will last and look classy, check it out. You won’t be disappointed by the Puma King Finale

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