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Who remembers playing the old FIFA games on the Sega Genesis? I certainly do, and that’s precisely why I plucked the Puma Foundation Graphic Stadium Tee off the racks in the shop. The soccer t-shirt has been in the shop for some time, and, until recently, I didn’t really know what to make of it. It’s pixilated goodness to be sure, but only now did it strike me as reminiscent of the old Sega FIFA games. I’m talkin’ about FIFA ’93 and ’94.

Alright, there are so many cool things about this shirt. First, the game that’s going on across the chest and upper abdomen is frozen in an action moment. A player is executing a bicycle kick from just outside the six yard box. The goalie is attempting a save, but, to be honest, I’m not sure where the ball is. Either way, it’s a goofy little touch that I’m glad Puma included. Aside from the game on the pitch, there is an awesome crowd lining the field. Puma worked a multitude of looks throughout the crowd as well. Dudes with ponytails, guys and girls with headbands, guys with baseball caps, red hair, green hair, blue hair, etc. The crowd definitely makes this shirt stand out to me. On the whole, the crowd adds another nod to the lighthearted and fun theme of the shirt. Oh, the stadium seating also has another cool aspect. There are camera people sitting on the roofs of the stands, you know, getting that award winning shot. On the bottom left hand side of the shirt, Puma even included a couple ambulances and a security guard in front of the door, just in case you wondered if this were for real or not. As for the puma logo, well, they pixilated it and stuck it on top of the stands. It’s definitely big, but it isn’t overbearing or anything. Good work Puma. One last little thing—the back of the shirt has a tiny ref holding a red card on the bottom, just to keep you in check.

Overall, I dig this shirt a lot. It’s a different style than you’ll find with any other brand, and it takes a funny nostalgic take on the game. Don’t worry—you won’t look like a little kid in this shirt. It’ll look more like a signal to others that you rocked the Sega FIFA back in the day. At $27.99 a pop, these shirts aren’t the cheapest. The price may be pushing it a little, but, as I’ve been saying so much recently, this would be perfect for a holiday gift.

Written by: Kris Dyer, soccerprose.com


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