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Talk about passion. When thinking of a traditional sports town, Portland does not exactly come to mind. However, the city loves its soccer team, which has been around since 1974 in one form or another (at that time, a North American Soccer League franchise). The franchise has ignited a now long-standing obsession with the sport. Really, it makes perfect sense to have another awesome fan base in the MLS so their inaugural season in the growing league had to be kicked off with some swag. Enter the new Portland Timbers Home Jersey.

If you know anything about the Timbers, it’s that the franchise loves its greens. The Home kit exemplifies this feeling with a design full of them. The jersey is essentially divided in two shades of green: dark green and a forest green. It certainly takes some getting used to, especially if your just starting to prove your fandom to the Timbers. If you’re not a fan of the greens at first, give it some time: it certainly has grown on me. At any rate, it’s a good looking jersey thanks to some other features, too. The sleeves are white with three white stripes lining the shoulders that sit on a green pattern. It looks pretty modern and up to speed with the the way kits are going these days. They even have a modern sponsorship deal with Alaska Airlines that is shown prominently on the chest. It’s all a bit silly but looks good against the green backdrop. Finally, the shirts littered with Adidas logos and icons as well as the awesome Portland Timbers crest. In addition, the right arm is outfitted with the official MLS logo, a sign of quality for your new jersey. The look takes a bit of getting used but I’m now thoroughly sold on the design.

The jersey is made out of outstanding materials too so it’s nice and comfortable. The 100% polyester design feels great and washes well too. It’s highly durable and shown no visible wear and tear thus far. Thanks to the Clima-Cool engineering Adidas implemented in this bad boy, the shirt is highly breathable and lightweight, so you never feel too constricted or sweaty while wearing it. Overall, it’s a really high quality jersey that has looks that take a bit getting used to. Give the look a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

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