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The new color of the venerable and, in my opinion, superbly awesome Nike5 Elastico’s are out and I think I’m in love. Futsal is a funny old game, but one thing most players agree is on is the focus is all about touch and speed. When you’re playing in a smaller space, you just don’t have time or acres of space so you play with instinct as much as skill. These shoes are ideal for that, and its why their the only shoe that I think truly works for futsal.

A lot of boot companies make futsal shoes, more often than not they’ve just stuck a flat bottom on the sole of one of their firm ground models, and the tech and performance suffers fro the lack of focus that typifies. Nike have gone a different direction entirely with the Elastico and have truly developed a futsal shoe. The upper on these shoes is a Kanga-lite leather composite which performs really well for me and give a good touch on the ball.

The sole of these shoe is also ideal for the small court game as the little fins that run along the side of the foot and bottom help you control the ball a little bit quicker to get that extra second to distribute the pass. Their is also added support in the arch of the foot that you won’t find in lower end model of the same shoe and it really makes a difference. The soccer shoes are also very comfortable and shape to your foot within two or three matches to feel like a goalie glove around each foot. The only thing I’ve ever felt like it is the CTR 360 Maestri II’s upper, and its excellent both in terms of touch and control.

Overall, the bright and colorful shoes are ideal for the small game, and even for just walking around, you can pick them up here, on our affiliate partner, soccerpro.com, for $99.99.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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